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  • ANG Gray Area Retirees

    Important Information for Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Gray Area Retirees

    Beginning 17 April 2023, AF Reserve and Air National Guard Gray Area Retirees must submit applications to begin retirement pay through the new platform.
    For ANG and AF Reserve, the retirement packet will be completed by the individual (retirement is not an automatic process).
    No earlier than 12 months and no later than 6 months in advance of pay effective date, you must apply by logging into myFSS (you may need to create an account):

    · Click on “myRetirements”;
    · Click on “ARC Retirements”;
    · Click on “+Begin Application Process”;
    · Review/Acknowledge Pre-Application Information (knowledge articles will have detailed information;
    · Click “Start Application.” You will be prompted to enter contact information and upload the required pay document (DD Form 2656) and any additional documents if needed.
    Once the application is received and processed at ARPC, the packet will be forwarded to DFAS for pay processing. Only then will DFAS track and advise the customer of the status.

  • Cabins & Camping areas available.

  • A few views of changes and projects being finished.

  • Basic overview of information and documents to discuss regarding personal and business matters.

  • A checklist to keep on file once you retire. Handy tool for spouses to use in case of emergency

  • U.S. Army Retiree Handbook - Information for all retirees and families.

  • Military ID card information and locations.

  • ANG Retiree Breakfast - Lincoln

    The ANG Retiree Breakfast will be held at Stauffer's Cafe

    Address: 5600 S. 48th Street (just off 48th and Old Cheney)

    Start time is 7:00am, last Monday each month.

  • ARNG Retiree Breakfast - Lincoln

    The Army National Guard Retiree Breakfast will be held at Virginia's Cafe

    Address: 3820 Cornhusker Highway

    Start time is 7:00 am, first Monday each month.

  • North Platte Area Retiree Breakfast

    The North Platte Area Retirees breakfast is held at Perkins Restaurant, I-80 & S. Hwy 83

    Start time 8:00am, second Saturday each month.

  • Attached is information about VA's National Cemetery Administration is available online at:

  • Please follow the steps indicated on the website to report the death as soon as possible.

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