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Concept of the Nebraska Military Retiree Council

In 1990, a group of retired Military personnel met in the TAG-Nebraska office with Major General Stanley M. Heng, The Adjutant General.The meeting was conducted at the request of military retirees, as it had become very apparent to all concerned that retirement programs and benefits afforded retirees were being revised to the extent that individuals were not aware of the current status of these benefits. Furthermore when the retiree passes, the surviving spouse and/or family members were not knowledgeable of benefits or actions to be taken to obtain entitlements.

It was agreed to form an organization, The Nebraska Military Retiree Council (NMRC), to assist the Military Department in keeping retirees informed of the changes constantly being made to the military retiree programs and other benefits that would be affected by those changes (i.e. Survivor Benefits, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Veterans’ Administration, Tri Care and other health programs). The organization would be available to spouses and family members upon the death of the military retiree.

Succeeding Adjutants General and their staff have continued to be most supportive of the NMRC . Retired members of the Army National Guard, Air National Guard, State Military Department employees, technicians of the Nebraska Army and Air National Guard, other retired members of the Armed Forces, and associate members as approved by the council are eligible for membership.

NMRC dues are $5.00 per year and can be extended up to 10 years which includes the spouse. Members attaining the age of 85 will be eligible for membership in good standing without the payment of dues. Dues are payable in advance for one year (1 January through 31 December). Surviving spouses of members are eligible for membership even though the qualified spouse was not a member at his/her death. When a member dies, the surviving spouse becomes a lifetime member of the NMRC without further payment of dues.

The term of office of all officers is two years. The president and secretary are elected in even-numbered years; vice-president and treasurer are elected in odd-numbered years. Duly elected officers can succeed themselves. Duties of the officers are as specified in the constitution.

Regular meetings are held quarterly on the second Wednesday of each month (January, April, July and October). Minutes of all meetings and other pertinent information are mailed to Board members. Semi-Annual minutes are mailed in April and October to all members. Minutes are also posted on the web site Special and social meetings are held at the call of the elected officers.

The NMRC also has chapters in Scottsbluff, North Platte, Kearney, and Omaha. Meeting dates are published as scheduled.

Our office is located in the East Campus Readiness Center, 2000 N. 33rd St, Lincoln, NE 68503. Our mailing address is: NMRC, P.O. Box 5765, Lincoln, NE 68505-5765

Revised September 4, 2021

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