Officer Association

Board & Committees

NGA-NE 2017-2018 Board of Governors and Committee Chairs

Title Name Contact E-mail
Ex-Officio Maj Gen Daryl Bohac
*President Lt Col Spencer Hansen
*President-Elect CW5 Teresa Domeier
*Secretary CPT James Small
*Treasurer LT Joshua Hruby
*Executive Director vacant
*Immediate Past-President LTC Steve Petersen
JFHQ-Air Maj Ginny Witulski
170th Group

155th ARW

155th Maintenance Group

155th Mission Support Group Maj Greg Goodwater
155th Operations Group

ANG Company Grade Rep

*ANG Retiree Rep Lt Gen (Ret) Roger Lempke

92nd Troop Command LTC Tom Golden
67th MEB LTC Jan Behn
734th BSB

209th RTI

126th Chemical Battalion

Med Det MAJ Scott Henrickson
110th Medical Battalion CPT Nick Curto
402nd MP Battalion

376th Aviation Battalion LTC Thad Fineran
134th R&S Battalion MAJ Shane York
ARNG Company Grade Rep CPT Josha Metcalf
ARNG Warrant Officer Rep

ARNG Retiree Rep CW5 (Ret)Bill Nelson
*Legislative Chair CPT Ryan McIntosh
*Membership Chair LTC Jan Behn
State Conference Chair VACANT
EANGUS Rep CSM Shawn Griffith
Insurance Rep

* Notes executive committee members