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  • Warning: death, serious injury or damage to Army equipment will occur if actions specified are not implemented. That was the Safety of Use Message (SOUM) sent out this spring across all branches of service, including Active, Reserve and National Guard.

  • Tropic Care Maui County 2018, a U.S. military Innovative Readiness Training mission to provide no-cost medical, dental, counseling and vision care to the public on Maui, Molokai, and Lanai, concluded on Sunday, eight days after it began. By then, health services personnel from the Air National Guard, Navy Reserve, Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps had performed 17,757 procedures. In dollar terms, the value of health services totaled around $1.6 million.

  • The West Virginia National Guard hosted senior enlisted leaders (SELs) from the Peruvian army, navy and air force for the first time in its State Partnership Program (SPP) history last week where they were afforded insight into how the WVNG utilizes the non-commissioned officer corps (NCOs) in the Army and Air National Guard.

  • Forty-five Soldiers from the New York Army National Guard's 204th Engineer Battalion spent two weeks helping Habitat for Humanity build a three-family home in Puerto Rico, July 30 to August 10.

  • Ninety-five Moldovan soldiers are taking part in the 30th Armored Brigade Combat Team's eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) exercise Aug. 6 -- 28.

  • Wildfires through the western United States - especially in California - started earlier than normal this year and expanded faster than in past years. Thousands of Airmen and Soldiers of the Guard responded.

  • Soldiers with the Maryland Army National Guard's Special Operations Detachment recently participated in Leapfest, an international static line parachute training event and competition.